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 Past Continious Tense (Şimdiki Zamanın Hikayesi...)

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Past Continious Tense (Şimdiki Zamanın Hikayesi...) Empty
MesajKonu: Past Continious Tense (Şimdiki Zamanın Hikayesi...)   Past Continious Tense (Şimdiki Zamanın Hikayesi...) Icon_minitimePtsi Kas. 10, 2008 6:48 pm

1.1 Form Of The Past Continuous tense

a) Affirmative (Positive) Sentences

was / were + -ing

I was eating hamburgers
HE was having breakfast
SHE was playing football

YOU were eating hamburger
WE were having breakfast
THEY were playing football

• John went to bed at 10:30. At 11:00 he was sleeping.
• The children were playing in the garden at 9 o’clock in the morning.
• We were watching TV at 7 yesterday evening.
• My father was drinking coffee while I was sleeping.
• Mom was cooking lunch in the kitchen when I went home.

b) Negative Sentences
HE was not eating hamburger
SHE was not having breakfast

YOU were not eating hamburger
WE were not having breakfast

Past Continuous Tense olumsuz cümlelerinde, be ( was / were) yardımcı fiiline not eklenir.

• Robert was not studying (Robert wasn’t studying)
• The baby was not sleeping. (The baby wasn’t sleeping)
• They were not listening to music. (They weren’t listening to music)
• I was not dancing. (I wasn’t dancing)
• She was not writing a letter. (She wasn’t writing a letter.)
• My mother was not making a cake (My mother wasn’t making a cake)
• We were not working. (We weren’t working.)

c) Question Sentences

Was I
it eating hamburger?

having breakfast?

playing football?

we eating hamburger?
you having breakfast?

Soru cümlelerinde WAS,WERE yardımcı fiilleri öznenin önünde (cümle başında) kullanılır. Fillere –ing takısı eklenir.

• Was Jane sleeping in her room?
• Were the students studying in the library?
• Was the boss speaking on the phone at that moment?
• Were you going to the supermarket?
• Was the secretary typing the letters?

1.2 Use Of The Past Continuous Tense

a) The past continuous tense geçmişte belirli bir zamanda devam etmekte olan bir eylemi ifade eder.
• At this time last week we were lying on the beach.
• My father was working in the garage so he didn't hear the telephone when I called him yesterday.
• I took my car to the mechanic yesterday because it wasn’t working properly.
• Sorry, I wasn't listening. Can you say it again please?
• What were you doing at 8 o'clock yesterday?
• Why were you talking to John when I saw you in the cafeteria yesterday?
• I went home early yesterday. Mon was still cooking the dinner.

b) Past continuous tense,simple past tense ile kullanıldığında, bir eylem devam ederken, diğer bir eylemin de olduğunu ifade eder.. Aşağıdaki örneklerin her birinde, the basit eylem (past simple) daha uzun bir eylemin (past continuous) tam ortasında gerçekleşir.
• You phoned while I was having a bath.
• When I got home yesterday, a cat was sitting on the roof.
• It started to rain just as we were getting ready to have our picnic.
• The boy was standing on the table when the principal came into the room.
• Many people were shopping in the market when the bomb exploded.
• When I went to bed last night the sun was already beginning to rise.
• It was lucky we weren't sitting under that tree when the lightning hit.
• What were you doing when the lights went off last night?
• Were you watching me when I showed you how to do it?
• How fast was she driving when she had the accident?

1.2 Using Time Clauses in Past Continuous Tense
When - While - As

a) while,when,as ,time clause( zaman cümleciği) daki eylem continuous yapıda iken kullanılır..

While I was walking down the street, I saw an old friend of mine.

b) while and as time clause( zaman cümleciği) daki eylem simple past ise asla kullanılmaz.

INCORRECT: While I came home, my sister was talking on the phone.
INCORRECT: As I came home, my sister was talking on the phone.
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Past Continious Tense (Şimdiki Zamanın Hikayesi...)
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